July 24, 2011

My Fortune

Dear Panda Express: I love my mom, but I am pretty sure after years of living with her that she cannot tell fortunes. And you my Sir's just ruined the joy of cracking open a sweet yellowish styrofoamy cookie!! I even eat them. Mostly because I am superstitious and partly because it is a habit from when I was a kid. I think we can do better here. Especially during stressful times like the ones that I find myself in. The meal was delicious though :)_ xo B

On another note. I have been lacking in my photo blogging and commenting. I apologize sincerely. I am taking a Geology course that breaks down into 32 hours of school work for 4 days of school. For 5 weeks. OR I am in class from 5p-10p (M-Th), then come home to 3 hours worth of online testing each night. It has me swamped and tired. Ugh.. not to mention we are also now required to do a poster project assignment as part of our final. I have finally arrived to the last 6 days of class leading into finals. Yea!!
I really appreciate all of you for stopping by and commenting. I love the support and thank you so much for stopping in for a peek :) Thank you! I did get some really great shots on my "Friday Off" (the day I refuse to do any homework, tests or make up work). When I get some time I will be posting for you. I do not know when. But I will....

like right after my class project and finals.. and my daughter starts Kindergarten... and my in-laws visit (yes! in the same week!)... and the world ends, ha!  See you all again soon, xo_B :) :) :)

PS: We are still melting. But its mostly due to humidity. We are getting remnants of the hurricane that was off the coast of Baja, CA. Making our heat worse then normal :( Especially with no rain in sight! If you have it, please send. Stat ;) We did have another Haboob the other day. Smaller and faster then the latter. Not much mess to clean up :) I however was in class for that one and missed it. Bummer. But I am thankful I did not have to drive through it like the last one!

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T's Daily Treasures said...

When it rains, it pours. Good luck getting through the last week of school and finals. Glad to hear that last dust storm wasn't as bad as the first. Take care! Best wishes, Tammy