July 16, 2011

Sunnys Surprise

 rainbow of life .. the old giving back to the new so that life my continue
Well Sunny may have fallen over and looks like the Hunchback of Sunflowers. However he had a little, actually seven little, somethings to give me back my cheery disposition on his demise. I had a dream last night, nice sunny day. Ozzy (my lawn & garden guy for the summer) came over and said it was time to say goodbye to good old Sunny. With a heavy heart I agreed and down he came. I asked him to prop him up so I could dry him out and maybe get some of his seeds. And he did. I stared at the empty place were my first and only sunflower lived & died. It was sad. So when I woke up this morning I made it a point to take some pictures of him. Oz will be here this week and I wanted some before the big 'chop down'. However much of Sunny that can be seen is his stalk and giant green leaves, his face is nearly touching the ground now. I have to pull him up to take pictures of his face, such a sad guy. Today upon my solemn picture taking adventure, I found nestled in his bottom most leaves small surprises for me :D _B
 My seven! new baby sunflowers blooming and growing right off of Sunny :) You can see 5 here.
 second biggest pod
 these two pictures are nice, (1) focused in on Sunny (2) focused on his predecessor 
biggest one so far, has his own branch already and is the tallest

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