July 01, 2011

Vacation Please

 I need a vacation. I wish I was a teenager again, sleeping in until two in the afternoon, hanging out with my friends and wasting my pretty youth away. So long dear friend. Hello, adulthood. Summer Vacation? What? This is the real world now. Waking up to two giggly girls in my face at 7am wanting "wow wow" or "ponies" and they want "fout woups" or "tiger" for breakfast. They settle down and the lil one wakes up, no nap on the couch for you mama. Change, Clothes, Bottle, Change, Walker ... Mama we is duuuunnnn. Screaming and fighting over who gets to play with what toys or colors or books. Try to do homework while they nicely kill each other and Daddy's at work (who also stays up doing homework). Baby can pull himself up now and walk-a-round holding onto something and that something would be the side of the couch or chair or whatever I am sitting on.. gnawing his new teeth into my laptop cords ... OMG is it really lunch time? I only wrote 4 sentences?! Were did the last 4 hours go?? O wait breaking up fights and pulling the baby off of Lappy and trying not to sing along to the stupid cartoon theme songs.. Your done? Its been 5 minutes. What do yo mean you don't want PBJ? Why is it in your hair? How.. You know what never-mind. In_Door_Pool Time!! Shrieks of laughter,a trail of clothes and two happy "swimmers" are in the bathtub... 10min later. The tub is empty all over the floor and somehow baby is in there laying on his tummy giggling. Towels. Clothes. Containment in the bedrooms with naps.. HAHA! Baby is the only one that sleeps now. The girls are over it in 5 minutes and I let it slide because I have 5 project papers due in 3 days and its almost 5pm .. What? How is it 5pm? Dinner.. (inner mommy scream). The parade of 'im-hungry-i-need-a-drink-what-are-you-making-what-are-you-doing" begins and just as everything needs to be pulled off/out of the stove the baby cries. Needs to eat and be changed... leave kid crying or burn the food? .. Another round of baths and fighting, 4 more sentences into my homework project and its bedtime.. Night terrors of course have the lil girl running out every 30min.. the big one is hiding in her room.. the baby is now crying AGAIN because mommy has lost it on sisters outside his room door... Finally quiet and Hubby comes home as I am pulling up my homework. NO there is no dinner for you! Is what I would like to say, but its 115 out and he works outside pulling carts and stocking ice all day.. SO OF COURSE i will make you dinner honey... 12am and here I am finishing up a paper due 2 days ago. As hubby tells me that we have no time and now no money to take our Beach Vacation in August that I have been looking forward to for over a year. Its okay. I am a big girl now! Life will go on. I love my little family and they love me. And that my dear teen-self is all that matters....
I will miss you sand and sea. We will meet again soon. xoxo_B

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