July 26, 2011


O my! We had a great show last night!! The thunder was so loud it felt at times like the house was going to shatter apart. The lightening so big and bright, ripping across the sky. It just as scary as it was beautiful. Also we got a dash, and I do mean a dash, of rain. Big fat cold drops coming down in sporadic sprinkles. There I was out in the humid heat, leaning against the garage door trying to get my first ever lightening shots. Like an idiot wanting to get struck by lightening. Instead of peering out the windows like my kids and everyone else on the street. I loved the adrenaline rush immensely though and will most likely do it again. The eerie silence before the brilliant bright strike and thundering crash, makes every hair on your body stand on end in anticipation. Simply amazing. These are just a few that I captured before the very loud and powerful storm rushed on past us. I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed taking them. _B

This one reminds me of the Poltergeist movie
This is the original picture, below is an edited version

July 25, 2011

Water Art

I got board and wanted to try something new. When I was a kid I used to take the hose and spin it. Making circles & loops. I would spin it so fast and that I could create a full circle of water around (like a lasso) that I wouldn't get wet. I always found it amusing and had a kick on Friday showing my girls how to do. I also decided to try something a little different. It took a lot of patience and trial and error. But in the end I am happy :D  Hope you enjoy _B



 Well I think Mother Nature decided that I had enough and gave me a break. As much as I appreciate it, I wish she would not have given me the stomach flu! Especially after taking care of the little ones. "Mommy Law" kicking in I think. Cruel joke or much needed break? Not sure. Either way, I decided to put up some of the blogs I have been working on during my breaks from homework. Even if this is of my homework ;) Hope you enjoy _B

Geology 101 - The Study of Earths History, Origins and Structure
5 hours of Lab & Lecture  ... I also get to play with rocks! :) 

Art History - Prehistoric through Gothic Arts
I created many projects that I found both fun & exciting for 5 weeks

My little project work & art station .. Will definitely come in handy during the next week for my Geology Science poster assignment.

July 24, 2011

My Fortune

Dear Panda Express: I love my mom, but I am pretty sure after years of living with her that she cannot tell fortunes. And you my Sir's just ruined the joy of cracking open a sweet yellowish styrofoamy cookie!! I even eat them. Mostly because I am superstitious and partly because it is a habit from when I was a kid. I think we can do better here. Especially during stressful times like the ones that I find myself in. The meal was delicious though :)_ xo B

On another note. I have been lacking in my photo blogging and commenting. I apologize sincerely. I am taking a Geology course that breaks down into 32 hours of school work for 4 days of school. For 5 weeks. OR I am in class from 5p-10p (M-Th), then come home to 3 hours worth of online testing each night. It has me swamped and tired. Ugh.. not to mention we are also now required to do a poster project assignment as part of our final. I have finally arrived to the last 6 days of class leading into finals. Yea!!
I really appreciate all of you for stopping by and commenting. I love the support and thank you so much for stopping in for a peek :) Thank you! I did get some really great shots on my "Friday Off" (the day I refuse to do any homework, tests or make up work). When I get some time I will be posting for you. I do not know when. But I will....

like right after my class project and finals.. and my daughter starts Kindergarten... and my in-laws visit (yes! in the same week!)... and the world ends, ha!  See you all again soon, xo_B :) :) :)

PS: We are still melting. But its mostly due to humidity. We are getting remnants of the hurricane that was off the coast of Baja, CA. Making our heat worse then normal :( Especially with no rain in sight! If you have it, please send. Stat ;) We did have another Haboob the other day. Smaller and faster then the latter. Not much mess to clean up :) I however was in class for that one and missed it. Bummer. But I am thankful I did not have to drive through it like the last one!

July 22, 2011

Sidewalk Chalk

My little artist in the making. I am trying to capture her in her zone. Enjoy_B

Chop Chop

Ah man. Ozzy voted against me and with one snip of his clippers Sunny's head & neck were cut away to give the new seven flowers a fighting chance. One of which has already started turning yellow. Not sure of its name, but definitely looks something like a yellow mouthed Venus Fly Trap. Anyways, I took some pictures of Sunny, who is drying out beside his 'offspring'. Its only been 2 days and he has already started to turn grayish green, as well as pushing up it's seeds. Here are just a few snapshots :) Hope you like them _B
 Here's the Venus Fly Trap .. Maybe that will be this ones name, Venus :) As well as a a pic of the next biggest, still closed up tight.

July 16, 2011

A Flower Day

all that is left of my spider orchid
Summer has burned away many of my favorite flowers. Literally. One of my Oleander bushes had to be dug up and replaced! So sad!! My Lilies are struggling but and making a come back. Bird (new bird of paradise) is green but badly burned. Oz says he needs some good shade (in the summer time?) and maybe some acid in his soil. The only troopers left is my roses bush, the two red hibiscus and my struggling pink daisies. O and the snail vines along the house. But everything else has pretty much dried up and blown away. My orchid trees are even starting to close up their leaves to protect against the heat. I cannot wait for late summer, early fall so my dear plants can return. So here are a few of the remaining, fighting for the right to stay. Burned and wilting, but still fighting. _B
 pink Gerber daisy, that is about as good as it gets now days
 new rose, before the sun burns it
 new and old rose after the sun burns
 Bird, One the older not so burned leaves, new one in the background
 the last purple blooms, at the top of the other stalks they are bleached out white
 friendly lizard hanging out by the snail vines, we have many from Big to tiny
 Bloomed and closed snail vine bloom, the pod is a little burned but will be okay
 one of two of my Hong Kong Orchid trees, new sprouts are only protected by the burned older leaves

Sunnys Surprise

 rainbow of life .. the old giving back to the new so that life my continue
Well Sunny may have fallen over and looks like the Hunchback of Sunflowers. However he had a little, actually seven little, somethings to give me back my cheery disposition on his demise. I had a dream last night, nice sunny day. Ozzy (my lawn & garden guy for the summer) came over and said it was time to say goodbye to good old Sunny. With a heavy heart I agreed and down he came. I asked him to prop him up so I could dry him out and maybe get some of his seeds. And he did. I stared at the empty place were my first and only sunflower lived & died. It was sad. So when I woke up this morning I made it a point to take some pictures of him. Oz will be here this week and I wanted some before the big 'chop down'. However much of Sunny that can be seen is his stalk and giant green leaves, his face is nearly touching the ground now. I have to pull him up to take pictures of his face, such a sad guy. Today upon my solemn picture taking adventure, I found nestled in his bottom most leaves small surprises for me :D _B
 My seven! new baby sunflowers blooming and growing right off of Sunny :) You can see 5 here.
 second biggest pod
 these two pictures are nice, (1) focused in on Sunny (2) focused on his predecessor 
biggest one so far, has his own branch already and is the tallest