July 15, 2011

Dust and Clouds

So much for my sparkly clean pool! Cleaned and filled and bright blue. Perfect for the babies to play in. However, much to their dismay and mine. By the time mom and dad got it cleaned out, re-blown up and filled the blue sunny skies turned dark and dusty. A thunderstorm was coming and it brought a big dust storm with it. So much for the clean pool! My girls in bathing suits watched from the patio, later from out the backdoor window, the dust cover everything in a cm of dirt and the wind blow their pool toys all over the yard. We were all pretty bummed out. But I got some pretty cool cloud shots and a few of the dust cloud coming in. Enjoy _B


Dawn said...

Oh My Goodness! Is this a common occurence?!?
It looks downright scary....your poor girls and their pool. I guess now they can build sandcastles?:))))

Brandy Marie said...

Dawn: They are in the summer. They usually come in front of thunderstorms because we are so dried out the winds pick up the dust and it blows everywhere. Good thing is the T-storms bring in the rain and wash everything down :)