June 30, 2011

Sprinkles of Rain

Well even if it was for only five minutes yesterday, it is of course better then none at all.  Lets cool off before we all fry up this weekend at 115..._B

Sunflower Deux!

O my! All this heat! My poor sunflower has fallen over.. Why. The only one that survived and bloomed is not bent over trying to stretch and touch its toes. I tried to pull him up and hes just so top heavy now that he just flops right back over. But the tragedy gave me more sweet shots. Seriously thinking I need to plant some more later at the end of summer. They make for such pretty pictures. Anyways, here they are from me to you. And as always: I will keep you updated with his further end.__B

My Take of the Arts

Here is the second post from my trip to Phoenix Art Museum. Except that this is a bit of a spin. Take a tour of my imaginations version of these wonderful artists art ... XO_B

 The Last Scattering Surface

 Nephrite Jade Disk With Recumbent Dragons

 Freestanding Wardrobe, European Exhibit

 Portrait of Our Lady, The Pilgrim of Quiet

 Ornamental Chest, European Exhibit

 Total Reflective Abstraction, Joshia McElheny

 Total Reflective Abstraction, Joshia McElheny 

Money Art, Contemporary Exhibit

 Mass (Colder Darker Matter), Cornelia Parker

 Abstraction, Hananiah Harari

Tri-Circle, Theodore Roszak

The Arts

I was sucked into other peoples imagination for the better part of two hours yesterday at the Phoenix Art Museum. I learned and saw a lot of things. I am definitely a Modern/Contemporary Art girl. But I also enjoyed the European paintings, so life-like! for being paintings. I wish I could have stayed longer, but when you have the whole family in tow it changes things (what.was.i.thinking?!). My oldest enjoyed herself and got just as lost as I did in some arts. The most frustrating part of this trip was there was no allowed flash photography. I understand why, but it complicates everything when your in a dim lite room! Second almost everything is in glass cases or have glass protecting their surfaces. Also uncool for creating the spotlight glares and shadows. I tried really hard to get good ones (don't forget the impatient family) I didn't fully discover the extent of my issues until I got home. A lot of the shots I thought I got, didn't. Bummed face. This first post will be of the arts that came out semi good that I am willing to subject to rejection. The second will show  my spin on these artists creations... (hope you) Enjoy_B

June 29, 2011

Faking a Rainy Day

Too much heat! No rain, monsoon and cool breezes in sight. When mother nature fails you, turn on the sprinklers and let the kids play. However mine are afraid of the sprinklers!! What.Is.Wrong.With.Them?! So while they sat in their perfectly good swimsuits staring out the patio door, I played with my camera in the grass ...

The sunset wasn't that bad either ... The first one caught the sprinkler showers the second is just breath taking. Something otherworldy.

Goodbye today, Hello Tomorrow ... B


My little sunflower project .. We planted him in an old planter pot. He was one of 5 or 6 we planted in March. We got two to start growing and become little seedlings. However the sun scorched the other one, killing it. This one was the only one that made it. Transplanted him in May when he was about 2 feet tall and a little more then a week ago he burst into bloom.. Now he is starting to push out and pollinate, bugs and bees are sneaking in for its sweet flavor. I wish they wouldn't even though it does make for some nice pictures..

I will update you with his beautiful demise .. xo_B

June 28, 2011

A Brother For A Sister

I cant begin to tell you how happy I was when we had our son. My husband was holding his breath after already having two daughters, he needed some backup from a house full of Princesses and Big Brown Batting Eyes. I just wanted that snuggley warm mommy son relationship. Not to mention all I ever thought I wanted was a house full of strapping sons and instead was blessed with two giggly daughters. Aside from our excitement, our daughter, Jayden was even more so. A sister she already had. Her best friend and shadow from the time Lili started crawling at 5 months old. But a Brother. Now that is something she didn't have and wanted. The minute he came home she loved him. Oo'd and Aah'd over him. Fed him bottles, helped with diapers, played cars, helped him to crawl and stand up. Finds the missing binki, washes it and returns it to him as if it were happy duty to stop the crying.  She drags him around by his feet so he will "follow" her to play. She sits and reads to him, tries to teach him and Lili their colors or numbers or what sounds animals make. Jade is beside him so much that one of his first words was "Jay Jay". Of course lighting up her world to a whole new level. She is in love with her little brother beyond words. Even at 5 years and 8 months old you can feel that they will be inseparable life long buddies. I took these pictures when he was just a few weeks old. My daughter and son are both on the small side of their growth charts. So I took advantage of his perfectly fitting feet and hands inside hers. I thought it captured her caring nature and love of him so perfectly. The top being my favorite picture thus far of them. 

Arizona Summer

I had to get the kids out of the house, even if it was only 15 minutes. Arizona summers can be brutal and this one is proving to be just that. Its been over 110 for the last week and a half. Nothing is growing right outside. Our flowers are shriveling up and dying. My poor grass is only growing around the outer rim of the bricked area, the center is either bare dirt or only an inch tall. Not fitting into my idea of wanting a little piece of Washington in my backyard. However, the kids did enjoy it. Hiding, running and spinning their way through the tall grass. Having fun in the setting summer heat...

Hopefully this summer heat cools off and they can spend more time outside. Hope you enjoyed. B