July 10, 2011

Kiddie Pool

 Today: I cleaned out the kiddie pool (thanks haboob!). They filled it. Then we played and enjoyed the summer. I got lost in my kids happyness and crazyness and splashyness ... Until there was fighting. And even then I did not care. I gave them ovals & water (ovals are M&Ms according to my 2yo) We were not couped up in the house! I dont even care that it was 106! I didnt even know it, the humidity was down from yesterday (37% to 25%). So Canon and I got some cute shots of the kids and some nice random shots of nothing in particular. Of course most are blurry or have splash marks, but that's what you get with 5y, 2y & 8m olds! We all ended the day with some color. Mine would be Red; fair skin is no friend of AZ. My kids however are tanner then normal (thanks to daddy's complexion). They are now all passed out. Happy and ready for tomorrows pool time. Hope you enjoy these few randoms and that you had a great Saturday too :) __B
 Pool is NOW OPEN!!
 My Jade & Babies Feets .. So cute
 Pool is NOW closed ... Daddy needs to "pump it" with air for tomorrow- Jade
 Abandoned pool toys finding refuge in the little remaining water

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