July 02, 2011

Around The Yard..

Things I found around the yard today. I needed to clean up. It pretty embarrassing out there right now! Ugh. My house is just as bad. My mother would be ashamed. I literally hid my face in shame. I had to hire a yard guy! Ah! A yard guy! Because school and Hubby's work and the kids are leaving no time to clean. Like right now. I'm taking a break from cleaning, because all day I took care of babies and half-ways cleaned up outside in the blow dryer of death heat. Hubby was gone by 2 and wont be home until near midnight. Poor guy out there in 117 degree weather all day.   ....So anyways, I was cleaning up because the yard guy is coming on Tuesday and I would like things to be as UN-embarrassing as possible. I found a few cute things while putting up kids toys, cleaning out the pirate ship water table and the bone dry duty filled kiddie pool, giving the dead flowers and 2 our orchid trees a deep watering... I do not know how many mini hair scrunchies I picked up but if it was one it was 100 AND chunks of chalk... Sigh. Kids never escape me. When they move out we will probably still have chalk and hair scrunchies in the yard :D Enjoy my mess_B

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