July 02, 2011


I took these during my first monsoon season here in Arizona. I didn't grow up in a place where we had thunder and lightening all the time, maybe once or twice a summer. So I am always mesmerized by the clouds and colors of the monsoon season. The contrast is breath taking. So I used my old canon point and shoot to get these lovely shots (so please excuse the quality). My camera was later stolen just after 4th of July, loosing all my littlest daughters first 4th pics. Luckily hubby let me upgrade to a better camera, because less then 6m later we were pregnant again. So I hope you enjoy my oldies, while I pray that these puffy white clouds outside my windows get gray and angry... xo_B

I just LOVE the way you can see the rain coming down..
The sun is actually setting behind me.. The sun is reflecting back into the clouds as the storm rolls in ...

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