July 15, 2011

Randomly Random Things To Enjoy

Time for some randomness. Wish I had more time for pictures these days! Only 3 more weeks and summer classes are over. O, idea: Homework photo set? Our den is messy enough. I'll put that one in the think tank to get back to. For now here are this weeks randoms. Hope you enjoy them :) _B
Tee Hee. I thought this little hidden jem (inside another picture) was hilarious. My Headline: Man leaves wife after she whines to much during fishing trip.. What do you think?
These two pictures I love. You think you are looking at a toy (1), when really its the reflection of the toy on the table above in the puddle below(2).
 Sitting at my table looking up and over into the sky. I really do hate these wall dividers. Lost my view of the White Tank Mountains :( But I will enjoy my little oasis in the West Valley just the same.
pool water flooding my patio
 towels are necessary during summer
I love the illusion of this. You can see the dinosaur, the dinos reflection (so still and clear like its lying on glass) and then the ring on the bottom of the pool underneath.


Dawn said...

These are amazing!You have an incredible eye for this!
I like the pool water flooding the patio:)

Brandy Marie said...

Dawn_ Thank you so much :)