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June 26, 2011

San Fran

I got to visit the beautiful San Fransisco while I was at training last year. I spent nearly a month training and got to wander the streets on the weekends. I fell in love with the city as soon as I opened my car door and caught the sea in the air. Home was my instant thought. Flash backs to Seattle at Pike Place and our favorite Gig Harbor park; trips to the Oregon coast: Newport crabbing, Cannon Beach getting engaged, Beverly Beach making sandcastles in the August sun. It was home for the moment. While I was there exploring this great city (ebbing out the homesickness) my friends and I decided on a trip to Alcatraz. It amazes me that its only a place that tourists go! There were people in my class from San Fran that had never been. Its a quick ride on a ferry ride through the fog to the most beautiful area for photographing. The old quietness is eerie and wonderful. I got amazing shots here. It also helps that everyone is oblivious to you, because we are ALL wearing headphones on the tour, making for even better shots. If you want the full eerie experience step inside the cell and take off those headphones. Stone cold quiet, but the energy makes you feel otherwise.

This Tree was along the pier somewhere. Exact spot I cannot remember. But I looked at it and thought that it was a perfect picture to sum up the day. Creepy, cold and beautiful. I took all of the pictures using only my cell phone and nothing more. I left my Canon at home with my husband, who of course never used it on the many trips to the park with the kids. However, these shots impressed me for a cell phone. I was shocked when I got home and found how beautiful they came out. I have at least 50 more, but I won't post them all. These are a just some of my favorites. The tree of course, my favorite :)

Hope you enjoy. B

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