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June 24, 2011


Hello! Welcome to my Blogging Photo Album. I enjoy taking taking natural photos. Things that cannot be re-created. Like the sun beaming through the rainclouds, the moment when the baby is not looking at the camera, a newly opened flower... whatever catches my eye and pulls me and the camera in. I love taking nature photography. Getting lost capturing the rain drop creating a splash in a puddle, finding the sharp contrast of color against the stormy gray speaks to me in a way I can't describe. The only human subjects I have had the pleasure of working with are my beautiful kids. They each are as about as patient as a new puppy, but what else do you expect when they are 5, 2 and 8 months? However I have had much joy in trying to sneak up on them learning to crawl, drawing elaborate chalk art and sitting playing mommy their favorite babies in the yard. Catching that moment of unaware happiness, wonder and sometimes frustration. I hope you get as lost in the beauty of my creations as I do. I would love to hear feed back, good and bad. I enjoy learning just as much as I enjoy taking my photos.

My daughter Lili Jo. She was sitting in the overly grown grass of the backyard after spending 30 minutes running, spinning and over all just being a kid. She is my little princess that loves being outside. She must have on her dress, bare feet and sun on her face. Shes just unhappy otherwise.

Being a transplant from Washington (state) I marvel at the fact that flowers grow all year round here. I can't get enough. I have never had a green thumb; my husband and I have been learning our way around planting grass, trees, bushes and flowers. We are still tackling the art of grass growing, the flowers are doing okay. However much to our joy the Sunflower we planted as a seed in March bloomed today! I had so much fun taking pictures of it today. I have plenty, but I like this one because I love the middle, its kinda of mesmerizing. And without knowing it, I captured a little bug creeping its way around my new flower. I am so excited over this, it really is the only thing that has not burned up and blown away in our Arizona heat. I cant wait for the smaller ones to catch up!

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