June 30, 2011

The Arts

I was sucked into other peoples imagination for the better part of two hours yesterday at the Phoenix Art Museum. I learned and saw a lot of things. I am definitely a Modern/Contemporary Art girl. But I also enjoyed the European paintings, so life-like! for being paintings. I wish I could have stayed longer, but when you have the whole family in tow it changes things (what.was.i.thinking?!). My oldest enjoyed herself and got just as lost as I did in some arts. The most frustrating part of this trip was there was no allowed flash photography. I understand why, but it complicates everything when your in a dim lite room! Second almost everything is in glass cases or have glass protecting their surfaces. Also uncool for creating the spotlight glares and shadows. I tried really hard to get good ones (don't forget the impatient family) I didn't fully discover the extent of my issues until I got home. A lot of the shots I thought I got, didn't. Bummed face. This first post will be of the arts that came out semi good that I am willing to subject to rejection. The second will show  my spin on these artists creations... (hope you) Enjoy_B

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