June 28, 2011

A Brother For A Sister

I cant begin to tell you how happy I was when we had our son. My husband was holding his breath after already having two daughters, he needed some backup from a house full of Princesses and Big Brown Batting Eyes. I just wanted that snuggley warm mommy son relationship. Not to mention all I ever thought I wanted was a house full of strapping sons and instead was blessed with two giggly daughters. Aside from our excitement, our daughter, Jayden was even more so. A sister she already had. Her best friend and shadow from the time Lili started crawling at 5 months old. But a Brother. Now that is something she didn't have and wanted. The minute he came home she loved him. Oo'd and Aah'd over him. Fed him bottles, helped with diapers, played cars, helped him to crawl and stand up. Finds the missing binki, washes it and returns it to him as if it were happy duty to stop the crying.  She drags him around by his feet so he will "follow" her to play. She sits and reads to him, tries to teach him and Lili their colors or numbers or what sounds animals make. Jade is beside him so much that one of his first words was "Jay Jay". Of course lighting up her world to a whole new level. She is in love with her little brother beyond words. Even at 5 years and 8 months old you can feel that they will be inseparable life long buddies. I took these pictures when he was just a few weeks old. My daughter and son are both on the small side of their growth charts. So I took advantage of his perfectly fitting feet and hands inside hers. I thought it captured her caring nature and love of him so perfectly. The top being my favorite picture thus far of them. 

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