August 04, 2011

Daisy Resurrection

     Hello Friends :) It has been awhile. I took my finals today and got an A in both lecture and lab. Giving me an all over grade of B+. Which means, I am officially on Summer break now!! I couldn't be happier. While I have been away many things have happened in my backyard. 1) My girls learned how to fall down on roller skates. 2) The pool died an unhappy death and I really have no desire to buy a new one. The yard sprinklers & the hose will do just fine for the remaining 6 months of summer, right??? 3) My Day-lilies and Pink Gerber daisies made a come back. As well as my Starburst Lilies are starting to sprout up new shoots! AND all my mini sunflowers bloomed open, which are now slowly being cooked away by the sun. 4) I officially have an all green grass backyard thanks to Ozzy... and my obsessive watering behavior. No more dirt or dry spots! 5) We got banned from enjoying our new oasis, because soon after everything popped to life, we became infested with dive bombing hornets in our yard. So we promptly called the 'bug man' and he hooked us up :) Tomorrow that nightmare will be all over and we can get back outside to enjoy August's monsoonal heat! Hooray.
     Before and after the hornets (don't tell the hubby, I it did when he was at school) I took some pictures of my growing oasis. Here is my daisy collection. Poor things were getting so fried by the sun their little buds would cook after popping up from under their leafy protection. But because I was watering them everyday when I watered my grass. They started to come back. I hope you enjoy their resurrection. _B
^^ looks like something out of a Dr Seuss book

  Thank you for stopping by! I will be posting more of my backyard resurrection soon :) xo_B


T's Daily Treasures said...

Hey there! Congrats on finishing up school with such great results. Bravo!

Your lightening shots are fabulous! We had an electrical storm in May and I was out on the balconies trying to get that perfect shot. I managed to get one really good one but my camera wasn't cooperating to get many more. kept thinking to myself, this really is not very smart! You certainly got a bunch of great ones.

Those daisies sure are looking perky now. Happy August! Tammy

Hilary said...

Good work on the good marks and the lovely flower photos. Enjoy your break!

nanny said...

Beautiful shots.....just beautiful!